At Churchfield we are committed to providing high standards of teaching and learning. We expect pupils to work hard to achieve their best. We use a variety of teaching styles and groupings to help them to learn.

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Phonics is taught throughout EYFS and Key Stage 1 using the Jolly Phonics scheme.  The Academy uses Accelerated Reader.  Books from a range of reading schemes are included in this and children read from a range of levels know as the Zone of Proximal Development or ZPD.

English is taught every day and reading is key to everything we do at Churchfield.  Children are taught the skills necessary to read and write at appropriate levels with high expectations for writing across all areas of the curriculum.  English lessons are based around a Quality Text for each year group.

In Maths we follow the White Rose scheme of work as our starting point, though other resources are used to supplement this in response to the needs of the children.

Other areas of the curriculum are taught as discrete units, though where making connections helps learning, this is done.  We use a mixture of commercially available plans alongside units developed ‘in-house’.

RE is taught following the Understanding Christianity and units from the Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education scheme. RE Statement of Entitlement

Parents who wish to find out more about our curriculum are welcome to make an appointent to see Mr Lloyd, who leads overall on curriculum.

  English Science RE Computing Art DT Geography History Music PE PSHE
Autumn 1 The Three Little Pigs Seasonal changes What do  Christians believe God is like? Learning to be e-safe

Mark Making


    Toys Past and Present Hey You! Multi-Skills Being Me in My World
Autumn 2 Stickman Everyday Materials What are festivals and why do we have them? Learning to be computer scientists   Moving Mini-beasts Four Seasons   Rhythm In The Way We Walk Gymnastics Celebrating Difference
Spring 1 Little Red Riding Hood Animals including Humans What do Hindus believe? Learning to be computer scientists   Homes Where We Live   In The Groove Dance Dreams and Goals
Spring 2 The Gruffalo Plants What does Easter Matter to Christians? Learning to be e-safe Colour Creation     Famous Queens Round And Round Improving Multi-Skills Healthy me
Summer 1 TBC Animals including Humans How do Christians talk to God? Learning to be creators

Andy Goldsworthy

Artist study

  Around the World   Your Imagination Striking and Fielding Relationships
Summer 2 TBC Everyday Materials How Can I make a difference in the world? Learning to be creators   Fruit Kebabs   Intrepid Explorers Reflect, Rewind, Replay Athletics Changing me

As part of our teaching of relationships and equalities we use the No Outsiders in our School programme.  This approach uses a range of different picture and story books to raise issues of acceptance of difference in all walks of life.

We use Votes for Schools across Key Stage 1 and 2.  It allows for structured discussion on current national and global issues.  At the end of each session the children are able to vote to give their opinions.  These results are collected and can be compared to results from schools across the country.

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