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At Churchfield we are committed to providing high standards of teaching and learning. We expect pupils to work hard to achieve their best. We use a variety of teaching styles and groupings to help them to learn.  Our curriculum intentions are set out in more detail here.

Children are taught English and Maths every day.  Phonics is taught throughout EYFS and Key Stage 1 using the Jolly Phonics scheme.  The Academy uses Accelerated Reader.  Books from a range of reading schemes are included in this and children read from a range of levels know as the Zone of Proximal Development or ZPD.

Other subjects are taught through the Edison Learning Connected Curriculum on a 2 year rolling programme detailed below.  The order of topics may be changed to suit current events or other circumstances.



Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2

Year 1 and 2 Can Party Food Be Healthy? Pride in Place What is the best way for Mrs Armitage to travel? Where do Bong trees grow? What makes us like other animals? How did families have fun in the past?
  Why do we play with different toys as we grow older?

Hello, I’m new here!

Bonjour, je suis nouveau ici!

What can we learn about our world from stories? Starry night Why is water so precious?

The Seaside

Where will we go for a great day out?

Year 3 and 4 From a Railway Carriage Why do we speak English in our school? Where did English come from? What happens inside us? European regional study Should we stop eating chocolate? How do I see?
  Are bugs important? How does electricity work? Who were the greatest builders in the world? Let’s go on an adventure. Would we like to visit Guatamala? The games children play How can we make living here better for everyone?
Year 5 and 6 The Great U.K. Geographical challenge Why do some creatures no longer exist? Has there ever been a better time to live? The Lady of Shallot Who are we? Why do I live here? Mini-Enterprise
  What’s out there? Fairground What is it made of? The Highway Man Do we make the most of what is on our doorstep? Why would someone build a castle in England? Why don’t we build them now?

A more detailled explanantion of the curriculum can be found here: Connected Curriculum Map

The Connected Curriculum is designed to be used as a starting point for exciting, engaging and motivating learning that we can continue to develop innovatively to suit the context of the Academy. Connections are made between the lives and heritage of our learners and our communities to create even greater relevance and to ensure our Academy curriculum meets the needs of our learners.

The Connected Curriculum recognises the value of a school providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills.

The Connected Curriculum is a structured framework of Learning Units. Foundation subjects History, Geography, D&T, Art, Music and the Core Subject Science are connected by theme and mapped to the requirements of The National Curriculum in England Framework Document (NC) for KS1 & KS2; the Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Units are aligned to the Development Matters guidance and statutory Early Learning Goals/Early Years Outcomes.

We continue to teach RE, PE and Languages mainly as discrete subjects but, where relevant, links are made to the Connected Curriculum Learning Units.  RE is taught following the Understanding Christianity and units from the Lichfield Diocesan Board of Education scheme. RE Statement of Entitlement

This year we have introduced Latin as our language as it will support children with their learning of English and Modern Foreign Languages later in their educational careers.  As this is a new language to us all, the children in Key Stage 2 have all started from the same point.  These new language skills will be built upon over the coming years.

Opportunities to develop the use of ICT as a tool to support learning in other curriculum areas and links to programming activities are detailed in the Learning Units.

Parents who wish to find out more about our curriculum are welcome to make an appointent to see Miss Nickolls, who leads overall on curriculum.

As part of our teaching of relationships and equalities we use the No Outsiders in our School programme.  This approach uses a range of different picture and story books to raise issues of acceptance of difference in all walks of life.

We use Votes for Schools across Key Stage 1 and 2.  It allows for structured discussion on current national and global issues.  At the end of each session the children are able to vote to give their opinions.  These results are collected and can be compared to results from schools across the country.

Knowledge Organisers and Home Learning

At the start of each topic children will be given a Knowledge Organiser.  This contains all the key facts they will be expected to learn during the topic, along with key vocabulary.  The class will do a quiz at the start and end of each topic based on the key facts.

Home Learning is in the form of a menu – children can chose which activity they do when.  Aim to do one piece per week, making sure that the compuslosry English and Maths activities are completed at some point.

Years 1 – 6

These end of year expectation documents reflect the new national curriculum (from September 2014). Click the buttons below to download and read each document.

Parent Leaflet – Year 1

Parent Leaflet – Year 2

Parent Leaflet – Year 3

Parent Leaflet – Year 4

Parent Leaflet – Year 5

Parent Leaflet – Year 6

Exemplifications of standards can be found by clicking here.

Nursery and Reception

Churchfield  Nursery and Reception are an integral and integrated part of The Foundation Stage of our school.

Nursery Organisation

Sessions run from 9:00 am until 12 pm. There is a short break where children will be offered water or milk and some fruit.  Twenty-six places are available.  From September 2010 the length of the morning Nursery session has changed from two and a half hours to three (9am to 12pm)

Reception Organisation

The Morning session begins at 8:55 am and ends at 12 pm for lunch. There is a short break during the morning session where children will be provided with milk and fruit.

The afternoon session begins at 1pm and ends at 3:25pm.

Early Years Long Term Overview 2019 – 2020

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