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Choir singing at Horse Fair Care Home


carehomeThe choir have been out singing again today, this time at the Horse Fair Care Home.  Once again the singing was wonderful and we had help from lots of the residents who joined in with their favourites!

School Christmas Lunch

Children and staff have really enjoyed their Christmas lunch today.   All the children enjoyed the dinner, and wearing the Christmas hats they had made.

Excitement is now building for tonight’s disco!

Key Stage 1 Nativity Performance
Early Years Nativity

The children from Nursery and Reception put on a brilliant performance this morning.  It was great to see so many friends and family watching.  The children are all very proud of themselves, and so they should be! Thank you to all the staff for their efforts and, of course, to parents for your continuing support.32img_0047 415img_0061

Year 3 and 4 Choir

The choir gave a super performance at Morrison’s in Rugeley this morning.  They certainly got all the shoppers into the Christmas spirit.  We think that with the support of so many family and friends we performed to over 100 people this morning.  Well done to all the children! Thanks also to the staff at Morrison’s for the squash and biscuits (and tea for the teachers!!!).

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Jiu Jitsu

Years 2 – 6 had a super day yesterday learning some Jiu Jitsu moves.  The children punched, kicked, rolled and blocked and as you will see from the photos, really enjoyed themselves.

This day followed the Bhangra dancing day earlier in the term, and we are looking forward to more days like this next term.year-6-2 year-6-1 year-5-2 year-5-1 year-3-2 year-3-1 year-2-3 year-2-2 year-2-1

Year 3 and 4 Stone Age day

Year 3 and 4 had a Stone Age experience in school today.   The children have ground their own flour, worked with Stone Age weapons and much more.  It has really helped bring some of this term’s topic work to life.

Click this link  to see what Ronnie and Ava thought of it: stone-age

Thanks to all the parents who helped with some of the fantastic costumes we have seen today. We will add more photos soon.

stone1 stone2 stone3 stone4 stone5




Remembrance Day in Reception.

To commemorate Remembrance Day Reception created poppies using finger painting skills. We spoke about the meaning behind the poppies and we used octons to create our own representations of poppies. Sienna said that we have a red flower to remember people who died in the war and Zackary remembered that poppies grew in the battlefields.  Zackary was very kind and presented all of his friends in the class with a poppy to wear at our school remembrance service.

img_1065 img_1066 img_1067 img_1068 img_1081 img_1082 img_1084


Diwali Celebrations

In Reception we have been learning about the story of Rama and Sita to help us understand the importance of the recent Diwali Celebrations. We made diya lamps to help represent the lights that led the way for Rama and Sita to return to their village after 14 years of exile. img_0401img_0393img_0392img_0391img_0389

Visiting Horses

Today Year 5 and 6 have enjoyed having 2 rather large visitors in school. Miss. Hill kindly arranged this so that Year 5 and 6 could meet the horses as part of their Science and English this term. In Science they have been looking at evolution and adaptation – it was impressive hearing the children confidently answering questions related to this. Their English novel this term has been the wonderful ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. During this novel a farm horse serves in the British Army during World War One. For many of the children today has been their first opportunity to really get close to these beautiful animals.


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